Magnetic-LED V2 with 20in – 508mm kit includes with power adapter


The latest version of your VATBAND now includes an LED light power indicator and improved features such as a larger contact point and a stronger magnet. The previous 360-degree pivoting male head has been replaced with a solid core direct contact for enhanced durability during daily use. The VATBAND is 20 inches long and 1 inch wide, and it still uses the same power supply and connection that is compatible with all versions.
Kit icludes everything you need to get started. It’s possible to split the power source of the ThermalVATBAND band and share it with another VAT band or a bottle warmer, allowing up to two products to be powered at the same time.

– Includes accessories pack ( sticker over VATBAND and thermostat sticker that can be applied directly on TVB (consider the fact that the temperature will be higher outside versus the resin inside by approximately 5 degrees). Aluminum tape is placed on stress points on curves and edges. The connection point is at the cold zone. Before applying the VAT, use a scuff pad aggressively clean the VAT surface with IPA to remove any remaining resin. You can add a HVAC aluminum tape on the vatband before the top sticker supplied. Be mindful of avoiding gaps on tight curves, as aluminum tape can provide additional support. Good contact is essential for efficient heat conduction and electrical conductivity to prevent hot spots and discoloration.

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Magnetic-LED  V2 with 20in - 508mm kit includes with power adapter

This item: Magnetic-LED V2 with 20in - 508mm kit includes with power adapter



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Package content

  • 1- ThermalVATBAND
  • 2- Cover sticker over ThermalVATBAND (protects/prevents from peeling caused by resin and IPA)
  • 3- Thermometer sticker and aluminum tape goes over the thermostat taped down to touch the ThermalVATBAND.
  • 4- Scuff pad for installaling ThermalVATBAND (use to remove any left over resin on VAT frame)