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ThermalVATBAND band that is 16 inches long and 1 inch wide, with a direct female jack connection in a low-profile box on the VATBAND itself. The TVB-161 appears to have wires hanging from the VAT and a female jack at the end of the wire. It’s possible to split the power source of the thermal VAT band and share it with another VAT band or a bottle warmer, allowing up to three products to be powered at the same time.

– Includes accessories pack ( sticker over VATBAND and thermostat sticker that can be applied directly on TVB (consider the fact that the temperature will be higher outside versus the resin inside by approximately 5 degrees). Aluminum tape is placed on stress points on curves and edges, and after pulling the jack area, a strip is applied to the cold zone on the front and back of the box. Before applying the VAT, use a scuff pad aggressively clean the VAT surface with IPA to remove any remaining resin.Ā 

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Jun 15 - 19, 2023
  • 1- ThermalVATBAND
  • 2- Cover sticker over ThermalVATBAND (protects/prevents from peeling caused by resin and IPA)
  • 3- Thermometer sticker and aluminum tape goes over the thermostat taped down to touch the ThermalVATBAND.
  • 4- Scuff pad for installaling ThermalVATBAND (use to remove any left over resin on VAT frame)