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Thermalvatband is 16 inches by 1 inch (2.54 centimeters) with a 2.5 centimeter connection and a 1 inch (78 inches) wide magnetic contact point with a 78 inch (2 meter) cable female jack connection to the power adapter, which is the same as a wired female jack that can be used with a splitter.The connection point to the VATBAND is also magnetic to assure a good contact with the 560-degree pivotal head and an LED light to indicate power. We will also provide a cable docking bay to ensure that the cable remains static in its position when the VAT is removed, and that the contact remains in the same position when returned to the 3D printer; the cable will snap into place without touching the printer.
– Includes an accessory pack (sticker over the VATBAND and an extra sticker for the thermostat (aluminum tape), a thermometer, and a scuff pad to clean the VAT before application.

DOWNLOAD CABLE HOLDER  (zip file includes holder and step optional to increase height of the holder in order to stay parallel with magnet vatband contact point.)









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The 16×1-inch ThermalVATBAND with a wireless quick-release magnetic cable 2 meters (6.5 ft) long is included with a 560-degree pivotal head and an LED light to indicate power.  The power output operates within a safe 12V/3A range of 12 watts per item (one power adapter can power up to 3 products: TVB, bottle wrap, and resin vat pump all at the same time using a splitter). Power is safe without damaging FEP or plastic VATS.
When using a three-way splitter, make sure you don’t exceed 3 notches or 3rd power level on the newer power adapter. If you do go over the power band, you will see the light blink, turn it down till it stops blinking. This is a safety feature designating equal  power where it is needed. Otherwise, you can max out the power band. Keep in mind that you are only controlling the heat cylcing process that means the temperature will cycle in the ideal range from 75F to 90F more rapidly. If your thermostat turns into completely black color, do not worry, the thermostat cannot keep up with the rapid cycling process, and the metal vat frame holds heat temperture longer than the liquid inside.
Extreme cold temperature: In order to raise the temperature when it’s extremely cold, you can bend the flexible thermostat in the band itself away from the VAT. To compensate for the extreme ambient temperature, the temperature will rise by 10 degrees above the ideal range. (Remember, this is an external reading; the temperature inside the VAT will vary by 10 degrees less and fluctuate.)
The thermostat should be set so that it touches the VAT in the ideal position; with a temperature range of 22 °C (70 °F) to 32 °C (90 °F), this will automatically regulate the ideal VAT temperature. (If you notice the temperature turning black and your VAT is at 90F, don’t worry; it will cycle the temperature so it is never at the highest level.)
Inside install versus exterior: Our latest version, TVB-161, is 16 inches (41.6 cm) long and can fold on itself. Watch our latest video on the folding technique you can use to fold on itself. Also covered is how to remove and re-apply the TVB.

To maintain the ideal temperature and match the temperature of the liquid resin, the build-plate must be submerged in the VAT filled with resin after each use. Following these guidelines will prevent the build plate from rapidly cooling the resin’s temperature.