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Our latest product, the resin vat pump, will come in black or white. Power adapter not included. Can be powered with VATBAND power adapter 3A or 5A you can add a splitter to power same time this option is good when you buy a 5A for maximum power get pump running super fast and power the rest of the product equally fast.
Our 16 inch tube is custom-made, chemical-resistant connected to the smaller end, and the tube in the vacuum pump can be removed for servicing. The basic service is that we recommend running IPA alcohol after each use to remove any resin left behind. We decided to go with a clear tube to visually see if anything may obstruct the passage; however, the light in the room or window can slowly cause the resin inside to dry.
Accessories included:
1- Tube holder
2- Tube boot can go at the end of the tube filtering out large particles
3- Vacuum Squeegee
4- silicone tube with connector
















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