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Thermalvatband is 32 inches by 1 inch (81.28 centimeters) with a connection bay and a 3-inch (2.5-centimeter) wide magnetic contact point with a 78-inch (2-meter) cable female jack connection can be connected to a power adapter direct or a 2 way splitter sharing with another product.Ā  The connection point to the VATBAND is also magnetic to assure a good contact with the 560-degree pivotal head and has an LED light to indicate power. We will also provide a cable docking bay to ensure that the cable remains static in its position when the VAT is removed and that the contact remains in the same position when returned to the 3D printer; the cable will snap into place without touching the printer.
– Includes an accessory pack (sticker over the VATBAND and an extra sticker for the thermostat (aluminum tape), a thermometer, and a scuff pad to clean the VAT before application.
– You may have to place a 1/8-inch diameter hole in the back of your case to allow power access.
*We have provided a stand to hold the magnetic cable to power your vatband adding height to match your vatband frame. ( optional ) Click to download.





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