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The adjustable power source is 12V/3A and designed for international plug converter use with 240V, as well as outage and overheat protection.is designed to regulate the amount of heat regulated to the ThermalVATBAND.The benefit of an adjustable power source is that you can control the peak temperature. Your maximum temperature is adjusted by the thermostat. This isn’t your ordinary power adapter; we have a built in multi-vat sensor, and when you add a splitter, you can power up to 3 VATBAND at the same time. The power adapter will detect more than one connection and dedicate power to each VATBAND. Note that you can only go up to 3 on the power band; exceeding this may cause the light to blink and turn down till it stops.




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An adjustable power adapter controls the amount of heat you can regulate and how quickly the temperature reaches its peak. Regardless of whether you max out the power source, the thermostat will keep the maximum temperature at 75-90 Ā°F.

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